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Ocean's Eight picture

Other mistake: When Helena Bonham Carter removes the necklace from its case, the clasp of the necklace is obviously closed (or at least it should be-otherwise it would slip inside the case itself from the raised mount that it is kept on in the case when the case is being carried) ; she is carrying the top of the necklace (where the clasp is) in her left hand while her right hand carries the bottom of the necklace. Had the clasp been open in the case, her arm and hand motion when she picks it up with her fingers would not have been so smooth. She goes over to Anne Hathaway with the clasp obviously opened (because we see her put the necklace around Hathaway's neck rather than over Hathaway's head) and then she closes it. When she tries to open it a few minutes later the security guard informs her that she cannot open it; that it can only be opened with a special security magnet - which he then proceeds to use to unlock the clasp. In other words, the necklace would have needed to be opened by the security guard to begin with before Helen Bonham Carter could put it around Anne Hathaway's neck. (01:01:05)

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Den of Thieves picture

Other mistake: Why did Merrimen have to show Donnie how to use a M4? Earlier in the movie it was stated that Donnie was in the Marines for a short time.

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Suggested correction: Only Big Nick and the other cops knew Donnie had served. They had his records pulled up. Donnie never told the other crew so he could look inexperienced enough to not run the whole show. It made it easier to double cross both sides later. Donnie played the fool to get the upper hand.

50 cent told Merrimen "he was a marine for a minute" also Donnie has an Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattoo (Marine Corps).

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Death Wish picture

Other mistake: When he arrives at the club he texts "I'm here" and receives the reply "bathroom" but the texts are on the wrong side of the screen. It looks as if he replied "bathroom". (01:20:10)

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Skyscraper picture

Other mistake: A police helicopter nearly crashes and has to veer away because of the superheated air around the building when only a few floors are on fire, but Will Sawyer and everyone else can function normally when half the building is ablaze. In fact, everyone barely breaks a sweat despite being surrounded by flames.


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Reprisal picture

Other mistake: The movie takes place in Cincinnati Ohio. Subtitles state the robbery is in July. At the end of the movie the subtitle states "6 months later" which would be in January, but the scene shows short sleeves, no coats, and sunshine. There is no sunny, short sleeve weather in Cincinnati in January.

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The Equalizer 2 picture

Other mistake: As York is entering Dave's apartment, and Dave is guiding Miles to the secure room, the entry door of the apartment appears to have only a chain lock and presumably a door knob lock. Standard stuff for apartments, and Dave surely is not relying on this for security or awareness, but It seems inconsistent with the high-tech and defense-first nature of the movie. (01:26:30)

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Daphne & Velma picture

Other mistake: Daphne's dad drops the Legitimate Tulip badge in front of her so she'll avoid getting hurt, but when we see him do that, he does it before the warning for the ball is heard and seemingly not looking at the danger (especially in the second shot, when he is peeking from the corner). So his action makes no sense. (00:16:55)

Sammo Premium member

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Hotel Artemis picture

Other mistake: In the close-up of the gun freshly printed, there's a bunch of molten plastic by the gun cylinder and the grip. Waikiki retrieves it right away, bare handed, and the bed is completely clean too. (01:03:25)

Sammo Premium member

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A Simple Favor picture

Other mistake: Bashir Salahuddin appears in the ending credits of the Italian localization as "Detective Summervile" with one L. It's a spelling mistake that appears also on IMDB, so one wonders if the localization team lifted name from the website, or if the theatrical version had the spelling mistake and was fixed afterwards.

Sammo Premium member

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My Beloved Enemy picture

Other mistake: The protagonist finds out that his wife is cheating on him, and decides to try to dial the killer. We see his phone number, it's 328 241... Later on, after visiting his brother's parish, he tries to contact his 'frenemy' again but the number now is 386 909.etc. He can't have changed number in that short while (and the protagonist wouldn't know anyway). (01:03:10 - 01:10:55)

Sammo Premium member

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The Clovehitch Killer picture

Other mistake: When Tyler is in the bathroom brushing his teeth, he is facing a wall-sized vanity mirror. The mirror should not be able to reflect the window along the adjacent wall (along the right side). Also, regardless of what angle of Tyler the mirror is reflecting, it reflects the same image of the wall. (00:30:26)


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Peppermint picture

Other mistake: At the very beginning when Riley shots the dude in the head, the blood comes out but the bullet does not break the glass.


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Backtrace picture

Other mistake: During the bank robbers' drive to the meeting spot, the background was blurred, but it is obvious the green color was from the tree leaves. As they got closer and arrived, the numerous trees were bare of leaves - only branches could be seen. The apparent attempt to have all trees appear to be bare (and consistent) was all for naught - It was April 8th in Georgia where the trees would have already blossomed. (00:02:24)


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The Mule picture

Other mistake: When Earl is walking toward his seat in the auditorium's third row at the "Glam Cosmetology Graduation", up to four seats can be seen in rows #2 and #3, but five seated graduates can be seen in row #1. Row #1 is closer to the camera than the other rows, so four or fewer graduates should be visible in row #1, not five. (01:07:20)


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