Best family movie mistakes of 2016

Factual error: At one point, Newt Scamander says he found one of his beasts in Equatorial Guinea. That country only got that name after independence from Spain in 1968; back in 1926, when the movie is set, the place was known as Spanish Guinea.


Other mistake: Duke is running through the city while dragging Max by his leash. A close-up shows Max being pulled between the bars of a metal fence, but the gap is much too small for Duke to have passed through.

Other mistake: When Alice's ship is being chased, she orders her crew heel to port (turn left). Instead, it turns heel to starboard (right).

Deliberate mistake: After David jumps off the roof of the Firebrand building, it is discovered that he had been wearing a parachute, but this parachute was never visible on him at any point previously in the scene. Even when he was on the roof and after jumping, the parachute was nowhere to be seen. The parachute was too big to have gone unnoticed. It would have been visible whenever the shot was behind him and the straps would have been seen whenever the camera was in front of him.

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: At breakfast in the BFG cave the bottle of frobscottle is taken from the table by the big bad giant when he says "I is taking this", only to show up again when Sophie clambers out the shnozcumber.

Continuity mistake: When Pete and Elliott return to their hideout after the ordeal on the truck is over, it is dark. Moments later when Bryce Dallas Howard arrives, there is a lot more light coming in through the trees and the scene looks brighter. This is in the space of five minutes or less.