Best sci-fi TV other mistakes of 2015

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Supergirl picture

Fallout - S4-E2

Other mistake: At the pizzeria, Brainy orders a dozen pizzas, but then leaves the shop with just five boxes.

Cubs Fan
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The Man in the High Castle picture

Season 3 generally

Other mistake: John is promoted to Oberst Gruppenfeuhrer and assumes the uniform of such. He is soon after promoted to interim Reich Marshal. And then he is subsequently fully promoted to Reich Marshal. But he continues to wear the rank insignia of an Oberst Gruppenfeuhrer.

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Daredevil picture

The Man in the Box - S2-E10

New this month Other mistake: When Matt and Claire are on the roof and Matt says "A dead guy, a guy I witnessed burn to death," Charlie Cox's natural English accent slips through. (00:41:35)

Phaneron Premium member
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Limitless picture

Page 44 - S1-E4

Other mistake: When Brian is using the right computer and thinking about the murderer of Paul Wilkerman, the computer screen is turned off. (00:31:40)

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