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Fury picture

Factual error: During the final battle, Gordo the tank driver calls out, "Panzerfaust, four o'clock!", as he looks through his periscope. He could not have seen any targets at four o'clock, as the driver's periscope could barely rotate towards the eleven and one o'clock positions, close to the left and right front corners of the tank's hull. The four o'clock position would be near the right rear of the tank.


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300: Rise of an Empire picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Themistocles first talks to Queen Gorgo, in the background you can see several extras, one of which is wearing obvious sneakers. (00:18:35)


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Jarhead 2: Field of Fire picture

Character mistake: When the supply convoy is ambushed, Soto is instructed to get on the .50 caliber. However, the weapon on the gun ring is a .30 caliber M1919 machine gun, not a "Ma Deuce" .50 caliber.


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Ardennes Fury picture Ardennes Fury mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the knife fight at the end, the position of Lance's hands on the German officer is changing instantly. (01:14:50)


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Ode to My Father picture

Factual error: During the Hungnam evacuation scene in December 1950, a U.S. Army Captain is using a radio handset. The model he uses is the H-250, which was introduced in 1987, over 30 years after the Korean War.


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Saints and Soldiers: The Void picture

Factual error: The three panzers that ambushed the Hellcats are supposed to be Mk. III's with the 50mm gun, but they only had 5 bogie wheels, instead of 6, and no driver or radio operator's hatches.


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Suite Française picture

Factual error: When the Germans come to the town a tank rolls through the picture. The first shot shows the tracks, then the whole tank is shown and one can see the tracks again. The turret suggests a Panzer III (which would be accurate for the time). It appears however that the tank is a modified Russian T34 or T55 or something as the road wheels are too big for a Panzer III. (00:13:00)

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