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Lone Survivor picture

Trivia: The real Marcus Luttrell appears several times throughout the movie: he spills the coffee and tells the new guy to clean it up; he's in the operation briefing and shakes his head at the rules of engagement being read; and he's on board the Chinook helicopter when it is shot down.

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The Wolf of Wall Street picture

Trivia: The humming chant Matthew McConaughey does and Leonardo DiCaprio adopts is actually something McConaughey does before scenes to relax himself and clear his head. He did it before shooting the scene with DiCaprio in the restaurant, and after a few takes DiCaprio suggested that it was put in the scene, so it stayed.

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Saving Mr. Banks picture

Trivia: Tom Hanks is the first actor to play Walt Disney in a mainstream feature film.

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42 (2013)

42 picture

Trivia: This is the first theatrical movie in which Harrison Ford has played a real person.

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Behind the Candelabra picture

Trivia: Although they played mother and son in this film, Debbie Reynolds (born 1932) was only twelve years older than Michael Douglas (born 1944).

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Rush picture

Trivia: The Formula 1 cars you see in this film are Formula 3 vehicles with fake F1 bodywork. They were used because Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth were not allowed to drive real Formula 1 cars.

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12 Years a Slave picture

Trivia: Michael Fassbender passed out after filming the whipping scene.

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