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Brave picture

Plot hole: During the scene where Merida gives her speech on "breaking tradition", her mother, as a bear, moves silently behind the majority of the crowd, so they don't see her. Fair enough. However, Merida and her father's clan are all looking in the same general direction (towards the crowd) while she's speaking - how does no one from Merida's clan see a bear moving at the back of the room?

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days picture

Other mistake: When Heather Hills takes a swing at Rodrick with mike stand and hits the chocolate fountain, how does Heather splash chocolate on herself?

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Wreck-It Ralph picture

Continuity mistake: When Ralph sticks Sour Bill to a candy tree, the branch is directly under Sour Bill, but when Vanellope has become a princess later on, the branch is now facing Sour Bill's right. (01:13:00 - 01:28:15)

Casual Person
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The Lorax picture

Continuity mistake: When the Once-ler is drifting down the river in his bed, he puts his foot in the water, which makes the bed turn. When he puts his foot back onto the bed, it is dry and so is the bed sheet.

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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted picture

Revealing mistake: When Alex says they should go find the penguins, he says "To home" and Marty, Melman, Gloria and Julien place their hands on top of his hand. In the next shot it shows all of them together. But due to the position of Julien and his arm length, it would have been impossible for Julien to have his hand fully placed on Alex's hand. (00:05:05)

Casual Person
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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift picture

Deliberate mistake: Manny refers to the pirate rabbit as the Easter Bunny, even though Easter never existed in prehistoric times. (00:33:55)

Casual Person
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Hotel Transylvania picture

Factual error: Johnny shows Mavis the sunrise by keeping her back in the shadows. But if your whole body is in an object's shadow then you can't see the light source. The rising sun is reflected dead center in Mavis' eyes, which means the sunlight is touching her, which means she ought to be on fire.

Phixius Premium member
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Suggested correction: Not really though. You see you can stand in the shadows but still look at the sun. No one actually does but it is possible.

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Rise of the Guardians picture

Factual error: When the Guardians start collecting the teeth, the skylines indicate that their first destination is Shanghai, but the billboard that the Tooth Fairy flies into is in a heavily Japanese visual style, from font weight to outlines and pastel colors. (00:37:05)

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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island picture

Other mistake: Big animals are small and small animals are big on the island, but Alexander has fireflies in a jar at his treehouse. If animal sizes are reversed on the island, the fire flies should be very large, similar to the bees that show up later in the movie.

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The Pirates! Band of Misfits picture

Audio problem: When The Pirate Captain says "This time, it's pay day", his mouth doesn't quite match up with what he is saying when he gets to "it's pay day". (00:16:05)

Casual Person
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Cowgirls 'n Angels picture

Other mistake: When Ida is with Prince, in some of the closeups Prince is wearing a custom halter noseband with "Sky High Angels" embossed on the leather. The "Sweethearts of the Rodeo" rodeo stunts featured in the movie were performed by the "Sky High Angels", a real rodeo drill team, and Prince was played by Hank, an equine member of the "Sky High Angels."

Super Grover Premium member
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A Christmas Story 2 picture

Continuity mistake: When the mean Santa puts the little girl in his lap and asks her what she wants, she's wearing gloves. When it cuts to a different angle, suddenly her gloves are gone.

Quantom X Premium member
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Home Alone: The Holiday Heist picture

Revealing mistake: When Curtis or Catherine are driving while it is snowing (e.g, on their way to the Christmas party), there is relatively heavy snow going horizontally past the side windows but there is no indication that "snow" is falling on the windshield. Wipers can't be heard (like one would expect driving in these conditions) and there is no dimming of light inside to suggest the heavy snow is blocking some light. Also, the way the snow is accumulating around the side windows is not typical. (00:33:04)

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