Home Alone: The Holiday Heist

Revealing mistake: The barbells rigged to go down the split rails/ramp to hit the thieves trying to break into the garage do not stay on the rails like they should yet still roll straight down. The weights on the left side of the screen get out of alignment (off-track and almost derail) right after reaching the top of the ramp. For a while, it looks like the weight is sliding on the side of the ramp and then isn't even touching the ramp. (00:59:45)


Continuity mistake: The vent cover in the upstairs bathroom looking down into the wine cellar is different compared to looking up to it from the wine cellar plus the two views cannot be of the same vent. In the upstairs bathroom, the vent is white (or off-white), is low on the wall (which is also white), and has a more elaborate design. Looking up from the wine cellar, the vent is blue, on the floor/ceiling, and has a simpler design. (00:50:25)


Continuity mistake: It was snowing relatively heavily during the Baxters' drive to the Christmas party. Right before Catherine called to check on the kids and told Alexis "it's really snowing up here", an external view of the house did not show any snow falling. (00:38:15 - 00:38:42)


Revealing mistake: When Curtis or Catherine are driving while it is snowing (e.g, on their way to the Christmas party), there is relatively heavy snow going horizontally past the side windows but there is no indication that "snow" is falling on the windshield. Wipers can't be heard (like one would expect driving in these conditions) and there is no dimming of light inside to suggest the heavy snow is blocking some light. Also, the way the snow is accumulating around the side windows is not typical. (00:33:04)


Continuity mistake: The driveway is clear of snow the day the Baxters move in. Based on the amount of snow in Mason's yard (across the street) and other outside views, there has not been a snowstorm after the Baxters have settled. In fact, the wet roads and melting snow on lawns indicate an ongoing thaw. Christine (Finn's mother) tells the kids they will be leaving to go shopping for a tree and decorations as soon as Curtis (Finn's father) finishes clearing the driveway. Curtis is then shown struggling to use a snowblower to remove A LOT of snow from the driveway (which had been clear of all snow on move-in day). (00:00:58 - 00:18:51)


Curtis: Here. You want to take that one down to the basement, dude? I'm coming with you. Let's go.
Finn: [Hearing the statement Alexis made earlier] "People get really good deals if they find, like, a dead body in the basement". The basement level in Dragons and Warriors is a prison filled with ghosts.
Curtis: Yeah, well, the basement in a real life is just a basement. You can do it.


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Question: Why was this movie made-for-TV and never released theatrically?

Answer: Simple answer is because ABC Family along with Fox TV Studios produced the movie specifically for their television audience. Which is what they did for "Home Alone 4" as well. Airing original movies on a channel is a way for networks to increase ad revenue as it draws an audience to watch their movies. They wouldn't have a need (and probably not a budget) to release it in theaters.


Answer: Same reason why so-called "Home Alone 6" will appear on Disney+ as an original film - as explained previously. Although if Home Alone 4 was anything to go by, the bottom of the barrel was scraped to the point it had a hole in it. Patched I reckon by "Home Alone 5."

Neil Jones

Answer: It's a separate movie set in the same universe, a sort of reboot. Introducing a new younger child to the franchise.

Answer: In addition to not being able to cast child star MacCulkin again (who drew earlier crowds but was now older and "not so cute"), the script was not of the same calibre. Without being able to surpass the previous highly successful HOME ALONE movies in quality and desirability (as well as meet fans' high expectations), it was a way to offer "something" (less satisfying but "cheaper" to produce) by going straight to TV or DVD (the next best thing).


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