Best sci-fi movie trivia of 2011

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Captain America: The First Avenger picture

Trivia: Before Steve Rogers exits the chamber that changes him into Captain America, the sound effect for the machine winding down is the same one as for the rocket pack shutting down in The Rocketeer, another Joe Johnston movie.

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon picture

Trivia: Early on in the movie, Sam is watching Star Trek with Leonard Nimoy, who also plays Sentinel Prime. Also, Wheelie's comments on the episode are relevant to Sentinel Prime. (Just replace the word Spock with Sentinel Prime).

Brad Premium member
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Super 8 picture

Trivia: Wait for about 2 minutes when the credits roll and you'll see the kids' completed zombie movie - it's about 5 minutes long and fun to watch.

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes picture

Trivia: Don't leave when the credits roll. There is a scary snippet you don't want to miss.

Tricia Webster Premium member
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Paul picture

Trivia: Stick around after the movie has finished, at least 4 minutes of extra footage is shown.

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X-Men: First Class picture

Trivia: When Raven is making a pass at Erik in his bedroom he brushes her off by saying that she would need to be a little older. She then makes herself look older - this older woman is Rebecca Romijn, who played Mystique in the original 3 X-Men films.

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Source Code picture

Trivia: The voice of Jake Gyllenhaal's father is Scott Bakula, who starred in Quantum Leap, which shares the premise of being in another person's body with this movie.

Tricia Webster Premium member
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Cowboys & Aliens picture

Trivia: When Ella is abducted by the alien speeders, while the group flees from Jake's old gang; it really is Olivia Wilde being pulled 40ft+ into the air while riding full tilt on horseback, not her stunt double.

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In Time picture

Trivia: Olivia Wilde plays Justin Timberlake's mother in the movie, even though she is three years his junior.

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The Adjustment Bureau picture

Trivia: During the end credits, there is a section entitled special thanks - the first thanks goes to 'The Chairman' (the unseen boss of the Adjustment Bureau) , followed by the City of New York.

Jeff Walker
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Green Lantern picture

Trivia: In the scene where Hal Jordan meets Sinestro for the first time and they start to fight, the shield that Sinestro conjures up is identical to Captain America's shield - it even makes the same noise when a bullet hits it.

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Spy Kids: All the Time in the World picture

Trivia: Danny Trejo does not have a single line of dialogue in the movie.

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