Best sport movie mistakes of 2010

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Secretariat picture

Continuity mistake: Just before Secretariat's first race, the main characters are discussing tactics in the parade ring. In the background is a jockey in pink and gold colours standing by his horse. When the shot changes angles he is mounted and being led out onto the race track. This means that he would have only taken one second to mount and travel a distance of about 10 meters. A couple of shots later he suddenly appears again, but this time he is being led into the saddling-up area, even though the jockey is already on board.

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The Fighter picture

Factual error: In the home video scenes, which were supposed to have been filmed during the 1970s or earlier, young Mickey Ward is shown wearing gloves bearing the Title Boxing logo. The Title Boxing company wasn't founded until 1998.

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Undisputed III: Redemption picture

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie, after Boyka gets out of the car with the briefcase, Turbo gets out after him and has a conversation. When Turbo goes back to the car, you see Boyka standing on the side of the road. There is only that one road in all the shots. In the next close up shot of the car door closing, and the car moving, we see the car getting out on to the road from a small by-lane (of sorts)! Where did this road come from? How did the car move places?

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Senna picture

Factual error: At the conclusion of the film it is stated on screen: "Ayrton Senna died aged 34. In the aftermath of his death, the FIA appointed Ayrton's friend Prof. Sid Watkins to improve safety in Formula One. There has not been a fatality in Formula One since." While it is true that no driver has been killed at a Formula One Grand Prix since Senna, there were crashes at the Italian Grand Prix in 2000 and the Australian Grand Prix in 2001 which resulted in the deaths of marshals. (01:37:50)

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