Best movie deliberate mistakes of 2010

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Toy Story 3 picture

Deliberate mistake: When the bear pulls Woody into the garbage bin after the other toys have crossed over, his hat is not pulled off when his body is squeezed under the lid when going down. (01:15:35)


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Shutter Island picture

Deliberate mistake: During the interrogation scene, a patient asks for a glass of water. When she receives a the glass of water, she lifts her right hand to her mouth and makes a drinking motion, but is not holding a glass. A moment later she sets down an empty glass with her left hand. When the camera angle changes, the glass has become half full. This implies the patient's mental instability and adds to the surreal feel of the film.


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Inception picture

Deliberate mistake: During the mob scene outside Saito's love nest, the same black Saab is seen getting firebombed twice. It was shot from two different angles, with the two shots played about a minute apart to give the impression of two cars getting bombed. Also, in the first angle it is clear the car has no engine.

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Saw 3D picture Saw 3D mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: If you look at the IP address of the junkyard, it is listed as: 634.634.99.234.88. An IP never goes over 255. (01:00:10)

Ssiscool Premium member

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Alice in Wonderland picture

Deliberate mistake: When Alice jumps on the dog and they start running, her dress and her hand-band suddenly changed side. Probably they mirrored the image, and instead of going left as directed, it felt more accurate to go right.

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Paranormal Activity 2 picture

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Ali Rey was sleeping, the camera facing towards the TV were blue vision but in the scene where Martine is starring at the camera pointing towards the TV, it is normal vision.


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Resident Evil: Afterlife picture

Deliberate mistake: When Alice jumps from the rooftop, the entire roof explodes, but the wire she is on is still intact. (01:00:50)

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Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang picture

Deliberate mistake: After the intro, the first shot of Isabel as she starts shouting about not fighting is a flipped shot. Note everything is backwards compared to the following shots. (00:01:15)

Super Grover Premium member

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The Tourist picture

Deliberate mistake: Elise goes to the "Gare de Lyon" and takes a train that goes to Venice (an italian ATR - AV, a high speed train). The only direct train to Venice is a sleeper train, in addition the travel time (over 8 hours) required would make the use of a high speed implausible. Furthermore these trains are not running in France, "the connecting" railroad is still under costruction.


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Iron Man 2 picture

Deliberate mistake: The whole Monaco race sequence is totally (but deliberately) ludicrous. First no driver would be allowed without a fireproof mask and rest of required security measures, as Stark does. Second, the real-life security controls are very strict: When an accident occurs a safety car shows up, flags and audio advices signal the racing cars for them to lower their speed and avoid accidents. Nothing to do with the wild, uncontrolled race depicted here.

Sacha Premium member

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Megamind picture

Deliberate mistake: When Metro Man flies towards the observatory to save Roxanne, we see a typical "the-characters-see-what-the-audience-sees" shot - a Super-Man-esque shot of him with his arms stretched out in front of him with his fists clenched. This shot is then projected onto a monitor that Minion is watching. It would be impossible to achieve this. It's as if there's some sort of camera on top of the observatory filming Metro Man, which there isn't. We see the observatory enough times to see that there isn't, and even if there was, the angle at which it would need to be at would be impossible to achieve. The shot of Metro Man on the monitor is positioned right in front of him, panning backwards. A camera would need to be very long to achieve this kind of shot, but there simply isn't one present.


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The Last Exorcism picture

Deliberate mistake: At the beginning of the movie while driving through town the old rusty horse trailer was facing from left to right. at the end of the movie as they were leaving town, they showed the same trailer and the picture was inverted, parked in same location,however it was facing right to left.


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Skyline picture

Deliberate mistake: When Jared is picked up at the airport in the limo, after the scene where the limo is driving down the interstate it cuts to a shot of several tall buildings. In the street at the bottom of the shot, the traffic is moving backwards if you watch the facing of the vehicles. Looks as if the film plates were flipped. (00:06:30)

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Gulliver's Travels picture

Deliberate mistake: When Gulliver is first placed in the dungeon, he is attacked by a tiny seagull, however comparing the size of the bird with Gulliver's foot, it appears to be about the size of a fully-grown Lilliputian. This was obviously done deliberately as a correctly-sized seagull would be far too small for the joke to be effective.

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127 Hours picture

Deliberate mistake: During some shots seen from the camera when Aron is filming his diary the camera performs some subtle movements to keep him in frame. These movements are from a tripod as they're too subtle and controlled to be from someone operating the camera with one arm and moving around as much as James Franco was.


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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader picture

Deliberate mistake: When Gale and Lucy see the Blue Star for the first time on the Volcanic island, on the second shot of the beach, the sea and the boat and star, the view from the beach, it is a still picture, the waves are not moving. All of the characters are moving but the sea is perfectly still.


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Marmaduke picture

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Marmaduke runs over Don Towmbly, you can "see" the soft mat where he lands on his face: it wobbles.

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Meskada picture

Deliberate mistake: The (fake) confession letter was postmarked from Ohio and sent to Allison Connor, 331 Henry Lane in Hilliard, MB 21243. No U.S. state has a postal abbreviation of "MB." The way the "B" was written in thick bold letters made it resemble a "D" - "MD" represents Maryland (where the film apparently takes place). Also, there is no current 21243 zip code in the U.S. There is a 21241 for Baltimore City and the next consecutive zip code is 21244 in Baltimore County. The created address LOOKS real. (00:50:44)


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