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The Road picture

Other mistake: As Viggo Mortensen narrates, it's been years since every crop and animal has died. Trees have been dead so long they're rotting where they stand and falling over with a stiff wind or slight tremor. Yet, in the woods, there are always fallen leaves on the ground which ought to have long ago decomposed, rain or no rain. Obviously, they can't sweep out the whole forest to make a movie.

Phixius Premium member
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Sorority Wars picture

Continuity mistake: During the volleyball game scene, after Sara has been put into the game, when the shot goes to the sideline she is still there too. (01:03:50)

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The Last House on the Left picture

Continuity mistake: Throughout the scene where the SUV crashes in the woods, Sadie is wearing large dangling earrings. In one quick shot where she is seen sitting in the back of the vehicle after the crash, her left earring is missing. It reappears in the next shot.

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Green Street Hooligans 2 picture

Continuity mistake: In the football match between the Millwall gang and the West Ham gang, the team names switch places on the scoreboard between shots. You can also see the score points switch places throughout the scene behind the Governor and Arthur. (01:16:05)

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Get Low picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Buddy is driving Felix to his old friend Charlie, just when the car starts to move, a filming crew of three people and also the camera are visible in the reflection on the car. (00:49:10 - 00:51:15)

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Observe and Report picture

Continuity mistake: When Ronnie takes Brandy out to dinner, when she asks him what his medication pills are, he holds them out for her to read, and as the shot changes from him to her, the position he's holding the pills changes from being held upright, to upside down. (00:30:25)

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Triangle picture

Revealing mistake: During crash scenes towards the end the local traffic in the background is driving on the left hand side of the road (filmed at Darling Point, Wynnum, Australia) even though the movie is set in the USA.

Kenn Davis
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Armored picture

Factual error: The license plate on the sheriff's car when he arrives at the factory is 5Q49926. In California - where the film seems to take place - that is a "Commercial" license plate issued to trucks and commercial vehicles, but law enforcement are issued "Exempt" plates which are 7 numbers.

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Love Happens picture

Continuity mistake: When the tour bus stops at Home Depot, the position of the front wheel changes between shots. Watch the lug nuts and 5 holes around the perimeter of the rim to see how the wheel rotates even though the bus didn't move.

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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans picture

Plot hole: There is a scene when Terrence tricks Big Fate into touching his "lucky pipe". Terrence then plants it at the murder scene in order to rightfully implicate Big Fate in the murders. Terrence then goes to the police station and tells Beniot about his strange feeling that the perpetrator smoked crack while committing the murders, and suggests Beniot comb the scene again. Terrence's fingerprints were all over the pipe as well. He couldn't wipe his fingerprints off without wiping Big Fate's off as well. Since it is a requirement that all police officers have their prints on file and since Terrence isn't the officer to locate the "evidence", how can he explain his fingerprints being all over the pipe? After all that has happened, I would think he would have implicated himself.

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Shrink picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the store, the clock behind Jemma shows the time as 10:20. In the next shot only a few seconds later, the clock reads 10:35. (01:06:40)

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The Cry of the Owl picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Jenny's former boyfriend shows her the broken cupboard-door a crew member is reflected in the window over her right shoulder.

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City Island picture

Continuity mistake: When Vivian comes out on the porch with a bottle of soda, the level is way under the label. When she goes down the stairs the level is way over the label on the bottle. (00:42:30)

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The Last Station picture

Factual error: In the dinner scene with Helen Mirren and James MacAvoy, she was playing a gramophone recording of "Un Bel Di" from 'Madame Butterfly,' and the year was 1910. The opera was not recorded until much later.

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Book of Blood picture

Plot hole: Every ghost that we see in the house looks the way they did when they died, for example the girl from the film's intro is seen without skin on her face, which happened to her before she died. However, in the final scene when we see Simon's ghost joining them, he looks completely normal, when he should have had a throat slit wound and the carved markings on his skin. (01:31:20)

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The Greatest picture

Continuity mistake: When Pierce Brosnan is first in the classroom, the writing on the blackboard keeps changing.

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Fame picture

Plot hole: Mr. Cranston asks Denise to be the accompanist for the school's production of "Chicago". This is an error. In the year 2009, in which the film is set, this would be impossible since the licensing company which has the theatrical rights for "Chicago" restricts the show from being produced (even by amateur groups and schools) anywhere in the greater New York area while there is an open-ended production running on Broadway.

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Brooklyn's Finest picture

Factual error: The part of the movie where they have had the morning updates at the police station, Richard Gere later walks on the sidewalk and stares deliberately at a pair of Muslims praying. The sun is shining on the backs of the Muslims heads indicating that they are facing west even though Mecca would be off to a much more easterly direction from Brooklyn.

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The Private Lives of Pippa Lee picture

Continuity mistake: When Pippa and Herb are having dinner, she hits the table with her fist and wine splatters on his shirt. When he stands up and walks to the bedroom the shirt is spotless.

Sacha Premium member
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Fireball picture

Revealing mistake: When Mr Goodall is attacking the bloke near the start, he is supposed to be hitting the other man really hard, but doesn't come close to hitting him.

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