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Invictus picture

Francois Pienaar: I may break my arm, my leg, my neck, but I will not let that freaking guy go.

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The Young Victoria picture

Queen Adelaide: You are confusing stubbornness with strength, my dear. And I warn you, the people will not like you for it.

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The Soloist picture

Steve Lopez: I've never loved anything the way he loves music.

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The Last Station picture

Valentin: Love and be loved. That's the only reality there is in the world.
Masha: He said that?
Valentin: Yes, Tolstoy said it, but l'm saying it.

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Coco before Chanel picture

√Čtienne Balsan: A woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life.

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Notorious picture

Sean Combs: Yo, he got sex appeal like LL?
Wayne Barrow: A little bigger than that.
Sean Combs: What, like Heavy D?
Wayne Barrow: He's a little darker than that.
Wayne Barrow: He look like Wesley Snipes?
Wayne Barrow: Oh, he ain't Wesley.

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Creation picture

Thomas Huxley: Mr Darwin, sir? Either you are being disingenuous or you do not fully understand your own theory. Evidently, what is true of the barnacle is true of all creatures, even humans. The Almighty can no longer claim to have authored every species in under a week. You've killed God, sir! You've killed God.

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Nowhere Boy picture

John: Want a beer?
Paul McCartney: I'd love a tea.

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