Best TV stupidity of 2008

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Breaking Bad picture

Buyout - S5-E6

Stupidity: Toward the end of the episode, MIke uses a plastic zip tie to bind Walt to a radiator. To escape, Walt bites the end off an extension cord and uses the electrical current to burn through the plastic zip tie, but he does so against his wrist, burning himself in the process. It would have been much smarter to burn the plastic zip tie where it wrapped around the metal radiator rather than around his wrist. (00:41:00)

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Sons of Anarchy picture

Seeds - S1-E2

Stupidity: Half sack is shown digging up a body at the cemetery in broad day light. Very easy for someone to see and report him.

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True Blood picture

It Hurts Me Too - S3-E3

Stupidity: When Franklin and Tara are hooking up at the motel, it appears that sunlight is shining through the windows. Franklin is unaffected.

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The Inbetweeners picture

First Day - S1-E1

Stupidity: In the bar, making the random man sit with them while they had their drinks was completely pointless, since the bartender believed Jay was an adult.

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