Best crime movie character mistakes of 2008

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Character mistake: At the end of the film, the newscaster comments that the lone assassin has been killed, but the ticker beneath him reads "Lone assassin arrested."

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Character mistake: McQuarry enters the subway at the 103rd Street station on the 1. He is transferring to the 2/3 at Chambers Street when Bose approaches him. However, it makes no sense to transfer here. As someone who knows New York, McQuarry would transfer to the 2/3 at 96th Street to benefit from the express ride to Chambers. (01:03:05)


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Character mistake: When Erickson is telling Strahm that he no longer has any jurisdiction over the Jigsaw case, he mentions that over a dozen dead bodies were recovered at the meat packing plant, including two cops. There were in fact only 10 dead bodies: Danica Scott, Judge Halden, Timothy Young, Jeff Denlon, Lynn Denlon, Jigsaw, Amanda, Art Blank, Officer Rigg, and Detective Matthews. (00:20:28)

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Character mistake: When Leon goes to see Susan Hoff with his photography portfolio she tells him he needs improvement. After she leaves, Leon tells Jurgis that he thinks she hated his work and Jurgis tells Leon "when she hates somebody's work she gives them about a minute, you got three." In reality, she actually did give him one minute almost to the second. (00:06:58)

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