Best sport movie continuity mistakes of 2004

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Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story picture

Continuity mistake: When Ben Stiller goes to the girl's house in the white suit - she slams his head into the wall and a blood/makeup stain shows up...when the camera angle changes the stain is gone. (00:42:05)

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Friday Night Lights picture

Continuity mistake: The sign says it is 3rd down with 10 yards to go. Announcer says the play went for 6 yards, but the sign now reads 4th down and 8 yards to go instead of 4 yards to go. (01:33:40)

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Million Dollar Baby picture

Continuity mistake: In Maggie's first fight (when Frankie isn't her manager), she comes off after the first round and takes her mouthpiece out. After talking to the manager, she gets back up to enter the ring without putting it back in, but when the bell rings she has it in again.

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Miracle pictureMiracle mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The fan who came out onto the ice and draped a flag around Jim Craig's shoulders (a cameo by the film's director, by the way) put it on upside-down. The camera cuts away, then cuts back, and it's suddenly right-side up.

Matty Blast
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Wimbledon picture

Continuity mistake: Peter states that his first match is at 3 PM, but when he goes out onto the court to begin the match we hear him thinking that it is 2 PM.

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Bring It On Again picture

Continuity mistake: When Derek arrives at the house party he gets a blue drink off a tray, yet when he manages to get away from the jocks its disappeared.

cameron davies
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Against The Ropes picture

Continuity mistake: When Luther is having dinner with Jackie, he picks up his napkin twice.

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Mr. 3000 picture

Continuity mistake: The day the Brewers retire Stan's number, we see him standing at the bottom of the stairs in the dugout. Then as they call him out, he is not longer standing at the bottom of the stairs, but comes from the left and walks up them.

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