Best TV revealing mistakes of 1996

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Everybody Loves Raymond picture

Standard Deviation - S1-E4

Revealing mistake: At the end, as Ray's parents walk out the back door, Robert says "extra credit". Look out the door when he says this, and you can see the house in the distance wave as if it were a painting.

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Power Rangers Zeo picture

Show generally

Revealing mistake: When morphing, a "Net" appears over the Rangers, which their Zeo powers then morph them over. Tommy and Tanya's nets don't match their bodies - for example, their shoulders aren't in the net, yet they disappear when their Ranger costume appears.

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The Pretender picture

The Agent Of Year Zero - S4-E14

Revealing mistake: During the scene when Mr. Lyle is talking to the General (butcher character), his glove that he wears on his hand is removed to make a point about his thumb having been cut off. In the next shot, we see Mr. Lyle walking around the desk and putting his glove back on, and you can see his thumb folded under his hand as if the actor was trying to hide it and did not realize it could been seen from the camera angle.

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7th Heaven picture

Show generally

Revealing mistake: Throughout the entire series there is one staircase upstairs and two downstairs. And, they more than likely are not the same staircase because the two downstairs are on opposite ends of the house.

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The Demon Headmaster picture

Episode #1.2 - S1-E2

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the episode when Dinah, Lloyd and Harvey are walking to school you can see a man and a woman stood at the end of their driveway watching filming. (00:19:28)

Jack Vaughan

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