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Mulholland Falls picture

Continuity mistake: When the Colonel finishes talking to the General on the phone, he practically throws the phone into the army truck out of frustration. In the following shot, you can see the soldier in the truck with the phone in hand, as if it was calmly given to him, even as you hear the end of the "clunk" from when it was thrown. (00:52:50)


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Screamers picture

Continuity mistake: Becker is the last to go through the hatch into the NEB bunker, but when the camera switches to the view inside the bunker, Becker is seen already on the walkway while the others are still climbing down the ladder.

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Murder in the First picture

Factual error: Throughout the film they show exterior shots of Alcatraz. If you pay attention you can clearly see that the Warden's house is destroyed and all that remains is a shell. Also there is only 1 guard tower. Alcatraz had many guard towers but they were destroyed in the seventies by fire. The movie takes place in the late thirties.

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White Man's Burden picture

Continuity mistake: When John leaves the table to get a refill on water, over half his burger is left. When he comes around the corner to see that Thad is gone, both the burgers are too.


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The Immortals picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the two police cars are chasing the truck, the two police cars crash into each other and explode - as soon as this happens the truck mysteriously disappears.

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To Die for picture

Revealing mistake: At the cemetery, a reporter nudges a headstone and it moves, revealing it is fake.

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Hideaway picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Jeremy impales himself on the silver ritual knife, watch as the "knife" bends under the weight of his body - an obvious rubber prop.

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Above Suspicion picture

Continuity mistake: Joan Crawford said that when she gets nervous, her right foot - due to an accident as a child - slips out of her shoe. But later on, it's her left foot now that causes it to slip out of her shoe.


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Seduced and Betrayed picture

Revealing mistake: Obvious stunt double for Susan Lucci in the skinny dipping pool scene. The stunt double's hair is longer and straight while Susan's goes past her shoulders only some, has bangs and is slightly curled.


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The Passion of Darkly Noon picture

Character mistake: While sitting on the bed, Darkly relays the story of how he got his name, saying it comes from 2 Corinthians 13:12. It, in fact, comes from 1 Corinthians 13:12. (00:10:55)

Greg Dwyer

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Codename: Silencer picture

Visible crew/equipment: The demolition crew can be seen on the driver's side window when Sonny Chiba and Brigitte Nielson's characters are fleeing the scene of a blown up car. The shot has Robert Davi's character chasing after them and then hearing the explosion behind him. You can see a crew person sitting and about four others kneeling, trying to evade cameras. This happens in scene 6 at 52.01 minutes into the movie. (00:52:00)


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The Hunted picture

Continuity mistake: After Racine is wheeled out of the hotel on a stretcher, the uniformed police officers hand their inspector an evidence bag with the weapon used on Racine, a throwing star coated in poison. The inspector looks at it, then returns it with orders to take it to the laboratory to determine the poison. However, when we see Racine on the operating table, the star is shown, lying in a puddle of blood on the operating table, as if the doctors just now had pulled it out of him.


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