Best TV continuity mistakes of 1994

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The One Where Ross Finds Out - S2-E7

Continuity mistake: When Rachel finds out that Ross and Julie are getting a cat, watch Rachel's neck. When she says "together?" she's not wearing a necklace; cut to Ross and Julie for a fraction of a second, then when it cuts back to Rachel saying "both of you?" she's suddenly wearing a necklace. It then disappears again when she says "isn't that just lovely?" hanging off the side of the tray she's holding. (00:05:15)

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The Magic School Bus picture

For Lunch - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: When the class is in Arnold's esophagus, Tim says something, then it cuts back to Ms. Frizzle. Arnold is sitting in the back seat of the bus.

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ER (1994)

ER picture

Love's Labor Lost - S1-E20

Continuity mistake: As Mark futilely pounds on Jodi O'Brien's chest, Carol can be seen in the background, removing her protective glasses with one hand. However, after the Time of Death has been called and they're showing the reactions of everyone present in the room (Susan, Carol, Carter, Lydia, Chen), Carol is seen taking the glasses off again, this time with both hands.

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The Day Today picture

Big Report - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: Connor (is this cool?) Hammil's shirt is unbuttoned, then buttoned between shots (just as he pushes the woman's head through a pane of glass).

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Ellen picture

The Puppy Episode (1) - S4-E22

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ellen goes to Susan's room after Richard makes a pass at her, she has her jacket in her hand when she enters the room. When Ellen leaves the room hurriedly, she leaves without her jacket, but when she is in the hallway about to go back to Richard's room, she has her jacket in her hand.

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Fantastic Four: The Animated Series picture Fantastic Four: The Animated Series mistake picture

Behold, a Distant Star - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: When Sue is talking about her father going into hiding, the camera is on the right side of a photo album, showing a newspaper clipping of him being wanted for murder. When the shot changes, the contents of that page are now three different photographs. (00:07:32)

Phaneron Premium member

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Sister, Sister picture

The Meeting - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Lisa and Ray are talking in Lisa's apartment there is a soda bottle on the table. Part way through the scene a cap appears on the bottle and then is gone in the final shot.

Bowling255 Premium member

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Sharkbait - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: To beat the traffic, Coop skateboards inside a construction pipe. The pipe is on the back of a truck, so it's not exactly very long, and gets picked up by a crane arm mounted on the truckbed itself. However, Coop takes ages to come out of the pipe, and in the shot from inside the pipe it looks as if is dozens of meters above the street level, which isn't. (00:08:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Protect and Survive - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Gersham runs from the police in the first scene, his vehicle crashes on a rooftop and hits a wall, bouncing off it, turning and stopping parallel to it. He exits the vehicle, at the point where he crashed, and the vehicle is now positioned differently (turned 90 degrees, pointing straight to the wall). (00:04:20)


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The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes picture Video

The Red Circle - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: A whimpering housemaid rushes down the stairway, frightened by an intruder on the second floor. Doctor Watson gallantly charges upstairs to investigate, plunging his left hand into the right side of his jacket to retrieve his trusty Webley revolver as he advances on the camera. However, the shot immediately cuts to Watson withdrawing the revolver with his right hand from the left side of his jacket. (00:29:55)

Charles Austin Miller

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