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Street Fighter picture

Trivia: Here's a brief list of the moves from the game that made it into the film. Ryu threw a fireball at Vega. Vega did his rolling attack against Ryu. Guile did two Flash Kicks against Bison. Cammy did a thrust kick against a Bison Trooper.

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Star Trek: Generations picture

Trivia: Tim Russ, who plays Tuvok in Voyager, has a small role in this movie as the Tactical Officer on Enterprise-B. In the credits he is cast as "Lieutenant".

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Highlander III: The Sorcerer picture

Trivia: In Highlander, Kurgen kidnaps Connor's girlfriend and taunts her in the car, imitating her screams as he speeds along the road, finally tearing out the steering wheel and handing it to her. In Highlander III, the sorcerer kidnaps Connor's son and taunts him in the car, imitating his screams as he speeds along the road, finally tearing out the steering wheel and handing it to him. Even the dialogue in this scene is virtually the same.

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Double Dragon picture

Trivia: When Billy is fighting evil Jimmy, he says "Shadow demon, you shall not pass." Look behind him. The actual Double Dragon arcade machine is behind him, which Jimmy then punches.

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Guyver: Dark Hero picture

Trivia: The first live-action "Guyver" movie had notably tame (often cartoonish) violence and a greater focus on broad comedy in comparison to the darker and gorier Manga and Anime franchise that inspired it, causing some backlash from fans. For the sequel, returning director Steve Wang made an effort to deliver a film tonally closer to the original source materials, and thus added in harsher violence, added significantly more blood to the fight scenes and removed many of the more comedic elements from the first film.

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Stargate picture

Trivia: The producers, the casting agents, really wanted Jaye Davidson, from "The Crying Game", to play the head bad guy, but Jaye said, "No more movies", so they kept upping the money they would pay him - this is before actors nowadays get phenomenal money - and it was only when they got to a million dollars that he said yes.

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein picture

Trivia: Cherie Lunghi (born 1952) is only eight years older than Kenneth Branagh (born 1960), despite them playing mother and son.

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