Best sport movie continuity mistakes of 1990

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Continuity mistake: At the end of Rocky IV, Rocky's son Robert is around 6 or 7 years old. After Rocky comes back from Russia in Rocky V, his son is around 12. While there was a 5 year interval between Rocky IV and V, no time had elapsed from the two in movie time. So, therefore, his son should still be the same age given that Rocky has just recently fought Drago, "The Russian" considering his bruises, and they all returned home right after the fight.

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Days of Thunder picture

Continuity mistake: When Harry is telling Cole to "Run 50 laps your way, then run 50 laps my way and I'll beat you every time," Harry is at first wearing a Georgia bulldogs baseball cap. Then a Florida Gators hat when he leans in the driver's window. Moments later when he speaks to Cole over the radio after the test run has started, he's now wearing a Georgia Bulldogs hat again.

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Continuity mistake: When Jimmy goes into the big house, he does not close the door, but while he is dancing you can see behind him the door open/close/open.

Rodolfo Miguel
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Lionheart picture

Continuity mistake: During Lyon's last fight with Attila. Right after he tells Joshua "wrong bet", Joshua is all over the place. He starts out on all fours. Next thing he's gone, then he's by the tent door, then he's back on all fours, then on his knees clapping. Every-time you see a close up of him cheering you can tell he's still on all fours. (01:10:00 - 01:20:00)

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