Best biography movie mistakes of 1986

Sid and Nancy picture

Continuity mistake: Early on Nancy is in a limo and a man with long hair tells her to get drugs. While he's talking his hand goes from resting on his chin to resting on the armrest instantly.

Lady Jane picture

Factual error: The film strongly implies that John Dudley, the Duke of Northumberland, keeps his head (literally) by converting to Catholicism. In fact, he was executed well before Lady Jane Grey was.

The Last Days of Patton picture

Continuity mistake: After the car accident, a man in a black hat and coat runs up to the left-side rear window of Patton's car, taps on the glass, then peers into the car. The camera angle changes to show the Jeep arriving and we see the same man in black arrive again to repeat all the same moves exactly. (01:13:30)


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