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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan picture

Character mistake: While Khan is "interviewing" Chekhov and Terrell, he stated, "On Earth, two hundred years ago, I was a prince, with power over millions." The official date for this movie is 2285. That would place Khan on earth around 2085 by this statement. However, it is made clear in the episode "Space Seed" that Khan and his followers escaped earth in the year 1996: nearly one hundred years earlier. Quite a way off to be a rounding error. (00:21:45)

Garlonuss Premium member

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Suggested correction: I don't believe the earth year had been established when this movie was made and it was something the franchise applied to itself retroactively later on.

TonyPH Premium member

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Fast Times at Ridgemont High picture

Character mistake: In history class, Mr. Hand tells the students that the Platt Amendment was an amendment to the U.S. Constitution passed in 1906. In fact, it was a rider attached to the Army Appropriations Act of 1901. (00:23:05)

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An Officer and a Gentleman picture

Character mistake: When the candidates are sworn in, after Foley is thanked, he salutes and does an about face. He then steps off on his right foot. No Marine NCO would do this.

the woodchuck

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Annie picture

Character mistake: When Rooster jumps over the fire escape and the girls get forced back into the orphanage, if you look carefully, Pepper is in front of Lily St Regis and is actually pulling her into the room.

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Suggested correction: Actually, Pepper and Tessie were both trying to pull themselves from Lily's grasp. Lily had stopped walking because Tessie was trying to pull away, while Pepper was trying to pull away from the other direction. It only looked like Pepper was pulling Lily into the room because Pepper was going towards that direction when she was pulling away.

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Rambo: First Blood picture

Character mistake: When the deputies chase Rambo in the forest, sometimes Teasle refers to Shingleton as Shingleton, but sometimes he calls him Singleton.

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Blade Runner picture

Character mistake: When Deckard is talking to the street merchant trying to identify the snake scale, the identification number he reads aloud is not the number that shows on the monitor. (00:47:30)

Lynette Carrington

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Rocky III picture

Character mistake: During Mickey's MI it's stated that his blood pressure is 200/50 (that alone is ridiculous) and the doctor immediately says "OK. Let's start CPR." If Mickey has a BP he has a pulse, and any CPR certified healthcare provider would know that you can't do CPR on a patient with a pulse.

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Little Gloria... Happy at Last picture

Character mistake: A newspaper headline is prominently displayed "No Clues in Lindbergh Kidnaping" - blatant misspelling.

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The Verdict picture

Character mistake: The mole Laura Fisher is paid off with a check dated Feb 1982. During the trail James Mason says the events happened 4 years ago, in 1976. That would be 6 years ago.

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Silent Rage picture

Character mistake: During the surgery, one of the surgeons says to give the patient 25 cc's of cyatril. Then one says make it 35 cc's. 35 cc's (or 35 mL) is a full large syringe. The other doctor uses what looks like a 3 mL syringe and it's only partly filled. It seems the surgeons wanted 0.35 cc's.


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Le Père Noël est une ordure picture

Character mistake: This happens when a man committed suicide while calling the SOS with a pay phone. When he shot himself, Thérèse said: "Rappelez-moi d'une cabine qui fonctionne." (Call me back on another pay phone that works.) How can Thérèse knows that the man is calling from a pay phone?

Miguel Campos

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Q (1982)

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Death Wish II picture

Character mistake: After Kersey has killed Nirvana in the hospital, the attendant arrives in the room. When the attendant finds Nirvana dead, Kersey tells him that he raped and killed his daughter. But it was PunkCut who raped her.

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