Best TV mistakes of 1980

Shogun picture

Show generally

Visible crew/equipment: In the opening scene you see an old ship in the water, if you look closely you can also see the shadow of the helicopter that is filming the scene.

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Magnum, P.I. picture

Autumn Warrior - S7-E13

Revealing mistake: One of the party guests opens the door of the fridge and you can see behind the set instead of looking into the fridge.


Galactica 1980 picture

Show generally

Revealing mistake: Episode 1 - Galactica Discovers Earth - When Troy and Dillon land on Earth, they take their bikes onto the freeway. They're followed by a large group of curious bikers. When two of the bikers move alongside Troy and Dillon and start talking to them, it's obvious that all four bikes are now mounted on a trailer, instead of riding on the road. Easiest way to tell is that their heads are higher up than the other bikers.

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Yes, Minister picture

The Official Visit - S1-E2

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where the ministers are all crammed into the train carriage if you look over Jim's shoulder there is a sign ("Notice" "In case of Fire" etc), while the headers are in English the actually paragraphs are written in gibberish.

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Too Close for Comfort picture

Show generally

Character mistake: In the episode where Henry has overdue library books, they are overdue by 5 years and 23 days. Both Henry and Monroe say in the episode that the fine is around $1000 (based on 10 cents per day due 5 years 23 days)... But in reality, using that calculation, the total would come to only $185, not $1000.

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