Best movie character mistakes of 1979

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Alien picture

Character mistake: When Ripley interfaces with Mother for the first time and sees the special order, an instruction reads as "Insure return of organism" rather than "Ensure return."

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Hanover Street picture

Character mistake: Before they jump off the plane Halloran should at least have checked if Sellinger has his parachute strapped on properly, knowing that the other guy has absolutely no experience. (01:05:55)


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Apocalypse Now picture

Character mistake: After Captain Willard walks through the front door of the burnt out French plantation dock there's a close-up of Chief Phillips at the wheel the boat. He turns around and looks right at Chef and says, "Lance". (01:56:40)


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Rock 'n' Roll High School picture

Character mistake: When Tom is talking to Riff on the phone, he mentions that he is listening to the Ramones's latest album. However, the song playing as he says this is "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend," which is from the Ramones's first album.

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The Amityville Horror picture

Character mistake: When Jackie the babysitter is stuck in the closet, she explains to George and Kathy that the door was locked. George says Amy there's no lock on this door. Her real name is Amy and her film name is Jackie.

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Moonraker picture

Character mistake: When James enters and exits the laboratory, the door has a sign on it that warns for radioactive materials. The laboratory actually contains a biological weapon. Therefore the door should be marked with a bio-hazard symbol. (00:41:00 - 00:42:00)

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Escape from Alcatraz picture

Character mistake: In the scene where the warden gives Frank the rules of Alcatraz. The warden states that prisoners do not get to see newspapers or magazines. Later when Frank distributes reading material from the Library to D block, he offers the prisoners books or magazines. One prisoner is seen taking a magazine to read.

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Manhattan picture

Character mistake: Isaac is supposed to be 42 and Tracy is supposed to be 17. He says "when you're 36 I'll be..." and she completes the sentence with "63". It should be 61.

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Meteor picture Meteor mistake picture

Character mistake: USA flags are supposed to be displayed with the Union (blue area) on top left corner, whether it's displayed horizontally or vertically. USA missiles at times displayed the flag backwards. Also, at the end of the movie, the flag hung on the hangar next to the USSR flag is backward. (01:40:57)

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