Best fantasy movie mistakes of 1978

Superman picture

Revealing mistake: Superman has fillings in his teeth.

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Heaven Can Wait picture

Continuity mistake: As Max is carrying a birthday cake out of the kitchen, the candle blows out as he walks. But the candle is suddenly lit again when the camera angle changes, as he walks into the living room.

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Watership Down picture

Continuity mistake: The rabbits have a close encounter with some rats in a shed on the cemetery. A spade falls over. In the next shot the spade lays in a wheelbarrow.

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The Wiz picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the characters are walking up to the Wiz, The Scarecrow gets scared and faints, and then falls into the lions arms. But then you can see him scratching his head, when he really should be unconscious.

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Return from Witch Mountain picture

Continuity mistake: When Tony and Tia are being driven to their hotel, the same footage is shown behind them a few times e.g. A truck turning off the road when their driver shouts at an overtaking driver and a few minutes later when he shouts at the same driver again.

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Heather Benton
KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the woman asks where her husband Abner is, the staff member is looking at a visible worded card, which matches what he said.

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Starcrash picture

Continuity mistake: Count Zarth Arn discovers Simon, Stella and Akton in the computer room, and he stands in the doorway. In the next two shots, it shows soldiers on both sides of the room, and in both shots, the doorway is now empty.

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A Hitch in Time picture

Factual error: In the 1953 sequence when the headmaster is driving Fiona and Paul home, the yellow car parked in the road is a Vauxhall Viva HC, which didn't start production until 1970.

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