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Dirty Mary Crazy Larry mistake picture

Continuity mistake: While at the pool hall, Mary indicates that the sign in the window describes Larry perfectly. A close-up shows it reads 'Out To Lunch', but the next wide shot shows it reads 'We're Closed'. (01:01:45)


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The Man with the Golden Gun mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bond is flying over China and landing on the sea by the Scaramanga's island you can see that his plane has two floats - one on either wing. But in the shot where he is heading for the beach it is clearly seen that the left float has gone! (01:28:40 - 01:30:55)

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Young Frankenstein mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During Inspector Kemp's visit at the Frankenstein manor, Frankenstein is playing darts while he is having his conversation with Kemp. He throws the first dart at the bottom 10, but by the time he throws the second dart at 7, the first dart he threw at 10 is now at the bottom of 18. (00:56:20)

Casual Person

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Murder on the Orient Express mistake picture

Other mistake: In the original version of the film there's a mistake in the opening credits where Colin Blakely's name is misspelled as Colin Blankey.

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Chinatown mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Gittes visits the orange grove and crashes into the tree, you can see that a steel plate has been placed around the tree to protect it.

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Earthquake mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Adams is inside the trench and dirt begins to pour, he is replaced by an obvious stuntman with a totally different hairstyle.

Sacha Premium member

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The Towering Inferno mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Dan dies there's a wide shot of the building with several floors engulfed in flames. When Lorrie is free-falling just two seconds later, for the scenes play in real time - the flames have disappeared. (01:04:53 - 01:06:10)

Sacha Premium member

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Devil Times Five mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the boy stabs the man in the back with an ax while they're chopping firewood, the position of the ax changes between shots. In the first shot, the ax is vertical because the boy is behind the man. In the next shot, the ax is horizontal as if the boy is on the right side. (01:06:53)

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Blazing Saddles mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Waco Kid is lying down on hay bales at the end of the film, there is no horse. All of a sudden when he's invited somewhere by Sheriff Bart, a horse appears. (01:33:50)

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Suggested correction: It is true that the horse suddenly appears, but Jim is reclined on hay bales, not boxes.

Movie Nut

For future reference, this is what the "change the entry's wording" option is for.

This entry is about the sudden appearance of a horse. It has nothing to do with The Waco Kid reclining on boxes nor does the entry say he was reclining on boxes. It says that he's reclining on bales of hay.

It did say bales of hay - I've left the correction and "change wording" comment online for a bit for informational purposes.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Ten Little Indians mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After the general is killed, there's a close-up on the figurines. Two are broken with just the feet left, the third, the rightmost, at the waist. When the second victim was murdered, we saw the killer break just its head off, the statue to the right of the halved one. The following shot shows the statues in that order, with the addition of third broken one in rightmost position. (00:34:15 - 00:42:15)

Sammo Premium member

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The Godfather: Part II mistake picture

Other mistake: When Hyman Roth's assassin runs at the airport, he is turning around with one (of two) bullet holes already in his jacket before the sound of any gunfire. (03:10:50)


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