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The Wicker Man picture

Other mistake: During his conversation with the landlord of the pub he ends up staying in, Sergeant Howie makes it clear that he did not intend to stay on Summerisle overnight, that he had been delayed and so needed accommodation. Makes you wonder why he packed his pyjamas. He's wearing them when Britt Ecklund does her famous naked song and dance routine, and they are not new so we know he didn't buy them that day. When he arrived he didn't even think he'd be on Summerisle for more than a few hours - we don't see him with so much as an overnight bag.

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Enter the Dragon picture

Other mistake: In the intense outdoor battle scene at the end, when Bruce kicks a guy in the face three times in a row, one of the extras in the background cracks up laughing.

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The Sting picture

Other mistake: The reporting of the horse race used to sting Doyle Lonnegan stops as soon as the fake FBI agents raid the bookmakers. J J Singleton, who is reading the results of the race, stops when he sees the raid taking place. However, that was supposed to be a live broadcast from the racetrack itself. It should have continued. Lonnegan isn't stupid - he would pick up on something like that immediately.

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Magnum Force picture

Other mistake: After the pool massacre, when the shooting stops, at the left of the screen and right off the policeman's helmet, a man sits down and then lifts the beach chair up.


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Live and Let Die picture

Other mistake: When Bond gets his Rolex he explains that by pulling out this button it turns it into a hyper intensified magnet, but he actually turns the bezel to activate it. Also, Bond repeats Q's claim that it can deflect the path of a bullet. Lead bullets, even with copper jackets, are not affected by magnetism.

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Hell Up in Harlem picture

Other mistake: Throughout the whole scene when Black Caesar is wounded by the Irish hitman several passers-by can be seen looking directly into the camera, and in many shots people are crowded together on the sidewalk watching the filming. Conversely, the hitman fires a big and loud revolver in the middle of a crossing with dozens of people and cars in close quarters, and nobody bats an eyelid. (00:03:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Charley Varrick picture

Other mistake: When Molly heads to the van to kill Harman, we see Charley waiting in the scrub and watching the van, seemingly anticipating the arrival of Molly. But why would he do this? Does he randomly spend several hours watching for the arrival? Bizarre. Why not warn Harman? It's clear by his shock at seeing the dead body of his partner that it's not his intention to get Harman killed to get him out of the way. Seems to be an overhang of a previous plot direction where Charley does maliciously get Harman removed.

Sir John Danvers

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