Best TV factual errors of 1968

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Don't Forget the Diver - S4-E2

Factual error: While Capt. Square is looking through his binoculars at what he thinks is Mainwaring's platoon marching with their rifles, a 1960's Bedford lorry drives past on the road behind them.

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The Singapore File - S2-E9

Factual error: During the shoot-out at the end, McGarrett's 6-chamber .38 caliber police special fires 8 rounds without being reloaded.

Jean G
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A Sour Note - S2-E2

Factual error: Gino commits a murder using a six-shooter with a silencer attached, and his shot doesn't make any noise. But it should have. Though it's a long-standing Hollywood cliché, a revolver with a silencer wouldn't be silent at all. Unlike automatic weapons, revolvers are open-chambered, which allows sound to escape. They can't be muffled with a silencer. (00:34:00)

Jean G
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Here Come the Brides pictureHere Come the Brides mistake picture

The Deadly Trade - S1-E26

Factual error: Early in the episode, while Jason is at the log flume, power lines and transformers are visible to the left. (00:01:15)

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The Panel Show - S1-E6

Factual error: Howard and Emmett travel to New York City to take part in a televised panel discussion on the merits of city life versus small-town life. The station is "KZOK Channel 12." All television stations east of the Mississippi River begin with the letter W, not K.

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Episode #1.3 - S1-E3

Factual error: In the Scarlet Pimpernel sketch, the opening caption reads "France, 1778." This is the Scarlet Pimpernel who rescues people during the "Reign of Terror", as is confirmed several times during the sketch. But the French Revolution was still eleven years away and its Reign of Terror wouldn't start until 1793.

Spiny Norman
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