Best western movie mistakes of 1966

Carry On Cowboy picture

Audio problem: When we see the can-can dancers perform on-stage, the music is played by a full band including brass and drums, despite the fact that there's only a pianist on-stage.


El Dorado picture

Character mistake: The bartender's (Robert Mitchum's brother John) character's name is Elmer. When JP goes to the bar to get Jason, Elmer makes a move for a gun behind the bar. JP shoots the bar, resulting in Elmer getting a fist full of splinters. JP says "I told you Elmer..." At the end when JP runs through the bar, he points the gun at Elmer and says "stay right there, Johnny."

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Suggested correction: He says "Freeze it right there, Johnny!" but the shot is focused on him and there's no indication he's talking to the bartender. There a a number of Jason's men in the saloon. One of them must be named Johnny.

Jason Hoffman
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly picture

Other mistake: In the very last scene of the movie, and just before Blondie shoots the rope that is holding Tuco on the grave's cross. You can see a car moving in the background, screen right of Tuco's head.

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The Professionals picture

Deliberate mistake: When Raza is chasing the "empty" train, as it goes over the trestle just before he stops it, you can see the engineer in the train's engine.

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Return of the Magnificent Seven picture

Revealing mistake: In the last scene, when Chris is leaving, it shows several shots of the peaceful village. Each time they show the village, in the middle of the square is what looks like two boys fighting. One punches the other and he falls down and gets up and punches back and he falls down. They do that about three times.

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Django picture

Revealing mistake: In some of the shots showing the muddy town street, tracks from modern rubber tires can be seen.





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