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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly picture

Man With No Name: The way I figure, there's really not too much future with a sawed-off runt like you.

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El Dorado picture

Cole: Now just a minute, son.
Mississippi: I... AM not... your SON. My name is Alan Bourdillion Traherne.
Cole: ...Lord Almighty.
Mississippi: Yeah.

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Our Man Flint picture

Derek Flint: Hans Gruber, Hitler youth movement, escaped during the Nuremberg Trials.
Gruber: I'm a much nicer person now.

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The Blue Max picture

Otto Heidemann: It's a cruel world Stachel.

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Fantastic Voyage picture

Grant: I don't mean to be inquisitive, but this 'cmdf', for all I know it could stand for the consolidated mobilization of delinquent females.
General Carter: Combined miniature deterrent forces.

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Batman picture

Batman: Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.

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Carry On Don't Lose Your Head picture

Duc De Pommfrit: Come here, you little vixen.
Desiree Dubarry: Oh, get off! Stop it.

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Murderers' Row picture

Coco Duquette: I hate you for what you're doing to him.
Julian Wall: Your way didn't work.
Coco Duquette: You stick to your television programs. And I'll stick to mine.

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Night Train to Mundo Fine picture

Cook: Water! Thirsty! Sick man.

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