Best TV audio problems of 1963

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Storm Center - S1-E28

Audio problem: The house Kimble and Marcie are holed up in certainly has remarkable soundproofing. There's a 100 mph hurricane raging outside, yet the moment they close the door, it's completely quiet inside. Throughout the episode, the storm sounds are audible only faintly, and only when the hurricane is relevant to the story line. (00:09:00 - 00:20:15)

Jean G
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The Moonbase - S4-E6

Audio problem: If you listen carefully to the soundtrack of part four of "The Moonbase", some 'chatter' and 'feedback' from the floor manager's headphones can be heard. (At the time this particular episode was recorded, there was just a one-week gap between recording Doctor Who and transmission, so there was no time available to re-record the episode, and this mistake had to be left in).

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Show generally

Audio problem: (1982) Alan and Monica: They spar, and Monica escapes to safety, in their bedroom, locking the doors. Alan threatens to "break it down" and she relents. Alan enters, leaving the door wide open, and they spar again, as Monica threatens him with alimony and the "shirt off his back" which he gratuitously supplies; literally ripping it off and throwing it at her. They fight some more and she breaks away as he grabs her into a passionate kiss, lowering her to the bed. Suddenly you hear the door close, in the background. The bed is clear across the room, so Alan could not have simply kicked it shut. (00:06:30)

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