Best TV revealing mistakes of 1957

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Wagon Train picture

The Rex Montana Story - S1-E35

Revealing mistake: When Flint follows the Indians, there's a strong wind blowing. But the two puffy clouds in the backdrop sky never move.

Jean G
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Have Gun - Will Travel picture

The Gladiators - S3-E27

Revealing mistake: The ground on the dueling field at the end is not only unnaturally flat, there are concrete seams visible in some spots, showing through the artificial turf. (00:24:30)

Jean G
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Richard Diamond, Private Detective picture

Another Man's Poison - S2-E14

Revealing mistake: Diamond's office building has an automated push-button elevator (quite a rarity in the 1950s). But when he and Hastings exit and walk into the hall, the elevator doors remain open long after they should have closed. There's also no break in the floor where the steel plating for the lift car ought to be, making it all the more obvious that it's a studio mock-up rather than a real elevator. (00:01:20)

Jean G
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Perry Mason picture

The Case of the Wayward Wife - S3-E13

Revealing mistake: Perry and Della step into an elevator but there is no line in the floor between the floor they are on and the elevator floor. It's continuous.

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Maverick picture

The Resurrection of Joe November - S3-E24

Revealing mistake: Stock footage used for the Mardi Gras scenes shows a crowd dressed in 20th Century clothing.

Jean G
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