Best short movie mistakes of 1946

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Donald's Double Trouble picture

Continuity mistake: At her house and at the fair, Daisy's bangle bracelet repeatedly disappears then reappears and changes wrists as well.

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Book Revue picture

Continuity mistake: When the inebriated cuckoo pops out of the cuckoo clock at the beginning of the short, his feet are yellow, but when we see a close-up of the cuckoo in the next shot, his feet are now orange.

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Springtime for Thomas picture

Continuity mistake: When Butch is chasing Tom, Tom puts a flowerpot on a swing which crashes into Butch and it leaves earth on the floor. But when Butch uses a guitar to spank Tom when he comes down on the swing, the earth has completely disappeared.

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Baseball Bugs picture

Audio problem: When Bugs says "That's the old ginger, boy!" when practising with his baseball bat, his mouth doesn't move.

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The Great Piggy Bank Robbery picture

Continuity mistake: When Daffy Duck appears from the mail box, the red flag is pointing up. In the next shot, it is pointing to the left.

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Rhapsody Rabbit picture

Continuity mistake: After Bugs shoots the man in the audience for coughing, the style of notes in the music book in front of him changes between shots.

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Trap Happy picture

Continuity mistake: When Tom picks up a telephone book, you can see he is holding the book with both hands, but when we see a close-up of the "Ajax Mouse Exterminators" in the next shot, his hands are nowhere to be seen.

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Hair-Raising Hare picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs kisses the mechanical rabbit, the rabbit short-circuits and breaks into pieces onto the floor. Bugs then starts to leave, but when the scientist pushes Bugs back to meet the monster, the pieces have disappeared.

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Racketeer Rabbit picture

Continuity mistake: The mattress on Rocky's bed is coloured red, but when Bugs helps Rocky put on his tie, the mattress now has red and white stripes on it.

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Solid Serenade picture

Continuity mistake: When Spike goes back inside his kennel to beat up Tom, you can see a dish beside it, but when we see the kennel in the next shot, the dish has gone.

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Kitty Kornered picture

Continuity mistake: When we see the cats lounging around, the bottle the drunken cat is holding has nothing on the label, but in the next shot it now reads "Arsenic and Old Grapes."

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The Big Snooze picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs starts singing "Someone's Rocking My Dream Boat" when he is dreaming, you can see the side of his boat has nothing on it. When he throws out the anchor, the words "Dream Boat" have appeared.

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Northwest Hounded Police picture

Continuity mistake: When the convict trips outside the plastic surgeon's office, the sign on the window reads "plastic surgery" which changes to "plastic surgeon" in the very next shot.

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Hare Remover picture

Continuity mistake: When Elmer Fudd is holding the test tube to drop liquid into the solution, you can see there is nothing on the side of the tube, but in the next shot a measuring system suddenly appears.

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Continuity mistake: When Daffy steps out of the bus at the beginning of the short, he drops his suitcase on the pavement. When we see Daffy in the next shot, the suitcase has gone.

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Bacall to Arms picture

Factual error: When the camera pans to the theatre right after the opening credits, the sign uses the British spelling of "theatre" instead of the American "theater."

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