Best family movie audio problems of 1946

It's a Wonderful Life picture

Audio problem: When George is talking to Harry on the phone regarding being decorated with a medal of honor, he is at his office. The guy to the right of him starts to say "what is he saying?" but the audio cuts off just before he finishes "saying." The scene cuts to a closer shot of George talking, so why did the audio cut off?

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Hair-Raising Hare picture

Audio problem: When Bugs says "Out there in the audience" when being held by the neck by the red monster, his mouth doesn't move.

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Baseball Bugs picture

Audio problem: When Bugs says "That's the old ginger, boy!" when practising with his baseball bat, his mouth doesn't move.

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Hare Remover picture

Audio problem: When Elmer Fudd is holding down the test tube, he is seen laughing yet no words are coming out.

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Kitty Kornered picture

Audio problem: When the drunken cat hides inside the goldfish bowl, we cut to the two fish inside the bowl and you can hear the sound of the bowl rolling on the table, but it does not roll.

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Audio problem: After the nightmare, Elmer rushes back to the log and pieces of his torn-up contract blow around in the air. At this point, you can see Bugs mouthing his catchphrase "Ehhh, what's up, doc?" but there is no sound.

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Hollywood Daffy picture

Audio problem: When the security guard is chasing Daffy around the set, Daffy says "Hoo-hoo!" but his beak does not move.

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