Best movie mistakes of 1934

It Happened One Night picture

Continuity mistake: The scarf around Ellie's neck (in the car) repeatedly changes. Make up your mind, love.

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The Thin Man picture

Continuity mistake: In the Christmas morning scene after Winhert's lawyer leaves, while Nora says, "Oh, the mystery's all gone" she crosses her arms in front of her, in the next shot her arms are crossed behind her.

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The Wise Little Hen picture

Continuity mistake: When Peter Pig and Donald Duck are dancing outside the "Idle Hour Club", you can see the door to the Club is open, but when the camera cuts to Donald, the door is shut, and in the next shot, the door is open again.

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Going Bye-Bye! picture

Continuity mistake: When Butch suggests to Stan and Oliver about getting a blowtorch to melt the lock off, the saw which Stan is using is by Butch. When Oliver says "That's a good idea!", we return to Butch in the trunk and the saw has gone.

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The Count of Monte Cristo picture

Continuity mistake: When Robert Donat is sword fighting with the Count Montego, Count Montego's sword switches from right hand to left hand.

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