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The Thin Man picture

Continuity mistake: In the Christmas morning scene after Winhert's lawyer leaves, while Nora says, "Oh, the mystery's all gone" she crosses her arms in front of her, in the next shot her arms are crossed behind her.

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The Wise Little Hen picture

Continuity mistake: When Peter Pig and Donald Duck are dancing outside the "Idle Hour Club", you can see the door to the Club is open, but when the camera cuts to Donald, the door is shut, and in the next shot, the door is open again.

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Side Streets picture

Continuity mistake: Bertha Krasnoff, a furrier known to her customers as Madame Valerie, has a purse hanging from her left arm as she says goodbye to a customer exiting the shop. When she greets another woman entering the shop, the purse is now on her right arm.

Steven Lee

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Judge Priest picture

Factual error: The plot introduction states the movies takes place in 1890. However, in the first scene, the judge (played by Will Rogers) is reading a newspaper showing a satirical cartoon featuring the "Yellow Kid." However, the "Yellow Kid" did not appear in newspapers until 1895. (00:02:14 - 00:02:50)

Loves Old Movies

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The Silver Streak picture

Continuity mistake: Tom Caldwell failed to convince the board of his company and leaves the meeting dejected, his blueprints under his left arm. When he is coming out of the room, the longer rolled sheet is in his hand already. (00:07:30)

Sammo Premium member

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March of the Wooden Soldiers picture

Continuity mistake: When Tom is on trial, the large crowd is there to witness. Barnaby is there, thinking he got away with his ploy. There is a man standing next to Barnaby who disappears from the wide shot and reappears in the closeups.

manthabeat Premium member

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Going Bye-Bye! picture

Continuity mistake: When Stan opens the bedroom door and sends Oliver crashing to the metal bed frame, the newspaper which Stan is holding changes from his right hand to left hand between shots.

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