Best comedy movie mistakes of 1930

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Animal Crackers picture

Other mistake: When Captain Spaulding first arrives near the beginning at the movie, he takes his hat off twice.

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Brats picture

Continuity mistake: After Oliver Jr. has liniment poured down his pyjamas, Stan Jr. turns on the taps and they are only just starting to fill up the bath, but when he and Oliver Jr. return to the bathroom a couple of shots later, the bath is now completely full.

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Night Owls picture

Continuity mistake: Edgar Kennedy plays a cop who persuades Laurel & Hardy to break into the police chief's home so he can arrest them and "get in good with the Chief." Jimmy Finlayson plays the Chief's servant. When he hears noises, he stumbles at the top of the stairs and falls down the staircase. When he lands (it is obviously a stunt double), he is sprawled parallel to the stairs with his legs pointing to the right. In the close-up, he has reversed position and his legs are pointing to the left.

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Below Zero picture

Continuity mistake: When Oliver is laughing after Stan tossed the woman's bucket in the street, the top of Oliver's coat and his bowler hat are covered in snow. In the next shot, the snow has disappeared.

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Blotto picture

Factual error: Oliver Hardy, inside a telephone booth, looks up Stan Laurel's number in a large directory. He finds the number on a page which is about one-fifth of the way from the beginning of the book. After he calls Stan and Stan hangs up on him, Ollie looks up the number again. This time he finds the number on a page which is about three-fourths of the way from the beginning of the book. Names beginning with "L" would not be on either of those pages but would be approximately two-fifths of the way into the book.

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Hog Wild picture

Continuity mistake: Oliver Hardy is teetering at the top of a ladder which is in the back of Stan Laurel's car. Stan is driving west on Wilshire Boulevard when Oliver, and the ladder, fall into the street. Oliver gets back into the car but now is it inexplicably atop the streetcar tracks and facing the opposite direction.

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The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case picture

Continuity mistake: While fishing on a dock, Stan crumples up part of a newspaper and throws it toward the water. When the newspaper blows back and hits Ollie's face, the pages are flat and uncrumpled.

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Feet First picture

Other mistake: Harold Lloyd, aboard a cruise ship, looks over the railing. There is a shot of two sharks swimming in the water and another shot of several men rowing a kayak. However, the ship is just starting to pull away from the dock and Harold is on the side of the boat overlooking the dock. There is no way he could have seen sharks and rowers.

Steven Lee

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