Best Marvel movie character mistakes of all time

Captain America: Civil War picture

Character mistake: At the beginning of the movie we're told there are 7 hostiles left, then Falcon takes out 3 more and says "5 hostiles left".

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier picture

Character mistake: When Steve and Romanoff "switch on" Arnim Zola, Zola says "I may not be the man I was when the Captain took me prisoner in 1945." In the first Captain America, it was shown Steve took Zola into custody the same day as his friend Bucky supposedly died. However, the bio of Bucky shown at the Smithsonian earlier in the film said that he died in 1944.


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Iron Man picture
Iron Man mistake picture

Character mistake: There is a misspelling on the cover of the issue of Forbes magazine shown in the presentation about Stark's life. It reads "Tony Stark takes reigns at 21". The correct spelling of the word is "reins". Stark may "reign" at Stark Industries but he would take over the "reins" of the company.

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Captain America: The First Avenger picture

Character mistake: Dr. Erskine says he lives in Queens at 73rd Street and Utopia Parkway. Actually, 73rd Street is well to the west of Utopia Parkway (both run north-south). Erskine must have meant 73rd Avenue, which does cross Utopia Parkway.

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Iron Man 3 picture

Character mistake: When Harley asks Tony what the light is coming from his chest, Tony responds "an electromagnet." Harley replies "What does it power?" An electromagnet is not a source of power. The arc reactor is the power source which powers both the electromagnet (to keep Tony safe from the shrapnel near his heart) and the Iron Man suit.