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Plot hole: Lucien, Trustan and Aurora are somehow compelled to believe they are Mikaelsons, when no-one knew how to compel until Elijah compelled Aurora by mistake when they fled. So when did this supposed compelling happen? Did Elijah go back and do it later on? The siblings all had knowledge of him compelling them, so I'm confused exactly when they all learned of their ability.

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Jackson Kenner: Klaus, if you want to fight me, come on.
Klaus Mikaelson: You mistake my intentions. I haven't come here to fight you. Not at all. This is to be an execution. Tell me, how exactly would you like to die?

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Question: Can't remember which episode, but when Celeste is put back into her body, she has a French accent and speaks French, but in previous episodes in the flashbacks she had a normal accent. Am I missing something?

Answer: She was in a different body.

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