Super Power Beat Down (2012)

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Super Power Beat Down mistake picture

Nightwing vs. Gambit - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: As the fight part starts, Gambit walks into the room and sets a small suitcase on the table with some tools. When Nightwing later flips over this same table, the suitcase and tools have vanished. And then they appear again after Gambit blows Nightwing through the wall as he grabs the suitcase off the table.

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Quantom X

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Damien Beurer: Which has the turning radius of a dump truck. And you're in a city. You're in Gotham City, man!
Andy Liegl: Well which is why this has grappling hooks to shoot out the side.
Damien Beurer: One use only, you turn one corner you're screwed.
Andy Liegl: No there's more than one.



When the simulation starts, Wolverine is shown stabbing a guy with his claws. There is a blood splat on the wall, but there is no blood on Wolverine's claws.