In the Heat of the Night
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Season 1
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1 Pilot: Part 1 0
2 Pilot: Part 2 0
3 Road Kill 0
4 Fate 0
5 Blind Spot: Part 1 0
6 Blind Spot: Part 2 0
7 A Necessary Evil 0
8 ...And Then You Die 0
Season 2
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1 Don't Look Back: Part 1 0
2 Don't Look Back: Part 2 0
3 The Family Secret 0
4 The Hammer and the Glove 0
5 Prisoners 0
6 Hot Nights 0
7 Gunshots 0
8 Country Mouse, City Mouse 0
9 Stranger in Town 0

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About 45 minutes into the episode, the girls' car stalls because the alternator's wire has been removed to cause this. For a car to stall like this, the battery has to be heavily drained which it would wind up being. When the killer comes up to the car, he tells her to try and start the car. She does and it turns over but doesn't start. The battery would never have enough amperage to turn over the car if it didn't have enough to keep the motor running.