Cheyenne (1955)

2 mistakes

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Starring: Clint Walker, Clyde Howdy

Genres: Western

The Vanishing Breed - S7-E9

Continuity mistake: When the Indian agent is killed, a very 20th Century rubber-tread shoe print is visible in the dirt beside him. When Cheyenne arrives and finds the body, though, the footprint has disappeared.

Jean G

Mountain Fortress - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When the patrol of soldiers first arrives there are 4 men. A Lt., Sgt. and two troopers. One trooper is killed by the bandits right away. Then there were 3. Next comes an Indian attack that kills the Sgt and the other trooper. Then there is 1, just the Lt, alive. They have a meeting before the next Indian attack and suddenly there are 3 again. The Sgt and the trooper have risen. Then they are gone again for the rest of the show. (00:33:00 - 00:35:00)

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