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A Moorland Holiday - S5-E9

Corrected entry: Mr Carson says he has "registered" the house in the name of him and Mrs Hughes. Not if this was 1924! The Land Registration Act was introduced in 1925, effective 1 Jan 1926.

Correction: The Land Registration Act of 1925 was just an extension of an already in place land registration system. Land registration was already in effect, starting with the Land Registry Act of 1862. Certainly no mistake that he "registered" the house in 1924.


Episode #4.7 - S4-E7

Corrected entry: Near the end, Mr. Green makes a surprise visit to the servants' hall. Mr. Mosley and James both greet him as Gillingham (his employer's name) not Green. (00:42:00)

Everett Blankenship

Correction: It was not uncommon for servants to be called "Mr. (employer's name)" This is seen in other episodes too, particularly when the family goes on vacation to other large homes and takes the servants with them.


Episode #4.8 - S4-E8

Corrected entry: While they are getting ready for the bazaar, Rosamund sees Edith lifting a basket and comes over to ask her if she should be lifting in her condition. She calls her Rose instead of Edith. (00:47:00)

Correction: Rosamund does not say 'Rose'. Tom shouts 'Rose' just before Rosamund says to Edith 'Should you be doing this?' The timing of it makes it sound like the same sentence, but it's not Rosamund that says 'Rose'.

Show generally

Corrected entry: None of the characters age the number of years shown in the series. This is particularly noticeable in Lady Sybil who would have been 14 in the first episode, as Mary mentions that she is 21 near the end of season two, yet she does not look any older.


Correction: Sybil was born in 1896, making her 16 in 1912, the year of the first episode. It's not out of the question that she could have been more or less fully matured by then, or at least matured enough that there's not enough maturing left to be done between the ages of 16 and 21 to be noticeable.

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