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Corrected entry: In the spring of 2007, WWE ran a storyline in which Vince McMahon was apparently murdered in a limousine explosion, which was subsequently investigated by the FBI. The storyline was later changed to Vince coming out and saying he faked his death. This being the case, he should be spending several years in a federal prison for faking his own death, committing an act of arson and property damage, endangering the public, and defrauding the FBI (Yes we all know that professional wrestling is not real, but as it works from a script, it is subject to the same mistakes as any other TV show or film. This is also mostly for humor purposes so please don't take this too seriously).

S. Ha

Correction: Using your logic many wrestlers should be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon (chairs or other such weapons) or even attempted murder (Undertaker being put in a casket and lit on fire). All of these stories require quite a degree of suspension of disbelief. And since we do not know exactly how the "Exploding Limo" story was supposed to end due to a real life tragedy, this can not be considered a mistake.

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