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This Sorrowful Life - S3-E15

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Merle is the in big box late 80's chevy with big 20-22 inch rims he is shown driving it in the barn yard drinking, playing music, and zombies following him. The shot changes a few times within the same scene with the big rims on, in one shot the car is shown with him driving it but the stock rims (15") are on the car, the paint of the car looks a little darker too. Then the shot changes again while he is still driving it and the big rims are on the chevy again. The shot that shows the stock rims is a pretty fast shot so it could be easy to miss.


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Rogue Element - S11-E11

Trivia: Eugene is looking for his missing girlfriend, "Stephanie." Princess visits him. He shows her his pinboard with strings attaching clues. He's found out plumber Roman Calhoun, was the last person to see her and tracks him down to a dodgy outfit at "1634 Racine." This is the home address in "The Untouchables" (1987 film about the capture and imprisonment of Al Capone, starring Kevin Costner & Andy Garcia), of Jimmy the good Irish cop, played by Sean Connery. (00:16:44)


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A - S4-E16

Question: Why was the fence down in the flashbacks with Hershel at the prison?

Answer: The walkers could have knocked them down more than once. There may have been another wave that knocked down the fence earlier and they're going to put it up again soon.

Captain Defenestrator

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