Here Come the Brides

His Sister's Keeper - S2-E12

Revealing mistake: When Stemple and Jason argue on the porch, an electric light bulb is very apparent in the lantern beside the door. (00:41:00)

Jean G

Candy and the Kid - S2-E19

Revealing mistake: Both stunt double's faces are plainly visible in the fight between Jeremy and Rafe. (00:26:10)

Jean G

A Bride for Obie Brown - S2-E14

Revealing mistake: During the log-rolling contest at the end, Bobby Sherman's stunt double is very easy to spot. He has lighter, shorter hair and is much taller. His face (in profile) is even visible in several shots. (00:46:00)

Jean G

Show generally

Deliberate mistake: Robert Brown wears a gold turtleneck sweater with his leather outfit throughout the series. Though it's more than 100 years beyond the show's 19th Century setting, he and the producers decided that he looked good in it, so allowed the anachronism to stand.

Jean G
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