Escape to Nowhere - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: The ring taken from Hanley in the opening, mysteriously reappears on his finger later on.

Jean G

The Walking Wounded - S1-E30

Continuity mistake: After he changes the tire, the truck driver climbs into the cab with Saunders. But in the next shot, Saunders is alone in the truck.

Jean G

The Celebrity - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: Episodes weren't broadcast in production order, so the character of Billy dies in this one, but reappears alive and well in several episodes aired after this.

Jean G

The Walking Wounded - S1-E30

Continuity mistake: When he beds down for the night, Saunders removes his coat and covers the little dog with it. But he's wearing the coat again when he wakes up.

Jean G

The Duel - S3-E4

Audio problem: Season 3, Episode 68, "The Duel". Sometimes the tank's co-axial machine gun is firing, but no gunfire sound is heard.

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Braddock: Don't just stand there sucking on a prune pit, get these men some water.

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Trivia: Actor Vic Morrow used a non-firing wooden replica of a Tompson submachine gun due to its lighter weight, thus being easier to carry. He used a heavier blank-firing model when it was required to be fired.

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