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Plot hole: On 7/1/09, Paul stole Dusty's laptop and gave Damian's name to implicate him. Dusty then accused Damian of the theft, describing it as having happened that morning. As shown in that episode, Damian had been with Meg throughout the morning, including the entire time during which Paul committed the theft. However, Damian does not offer Meg as his alibi and Meg fails to recognize that Damian was with her at the time.


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Factual error: On 1/12/10, Parker and Liberty have gotten lost hiking while on a family trip to Detroit, and Jack says that the command center is "half a mile away up the side of a mountain." Detroit is in the Great Plains; there are no mountains remotely nearby.

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Barbara: I can't call him because he's in a coma.
Julia Lindsey Snyder: A coma? Come on, Barbara. Come up with something a little more original. How about - oh, I know. How about a hole opened up, and James fell into the center of the earth?

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