Martial Law (1998)

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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
Season 2
Season 2 generally 0
1 Sammo Blammo 1
2 Thieves Among Thieves 0
3 This Shogun for Hire 0
4 24 Hours 0
5 90 Million Reasons to Die 0
6 My Man Sammo 0
7 The Friendly Skies 0
8 Call of the Wild 0
9 Blue Flu 0
10 Sammo Claus 0
11 No Quarter 0
12 Scorpio Rising 0
13 No Fare 0
14 Dog Day Afternoon 0
15 Deathfist 5: Major Crimes Unit 0
16 Honor Among Strangers 0
17 Freefall 0

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In the scene at the bank, he has a bomb attached to him and an ex-bad guy handcuffed next to him, the handcuff is roughly a foot long, making the distance short between him and the guy next to him. Sammo fights a gang of thugs in the bank and does a swing round kick and his handcuff is detached or widens by 3-4 ft. The guy on the floor is rolling around to make it look like he is attached to Sammo, but is clearly not.