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The Wire (2002)

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Hard Cases - S2-E4

Corrected entry: Your hear one of the inmates saying the cut drugs were more rat poison than coke. Later in the meeting, where Avon Barksdale is going to tell them the source of the tainted drugs, his lawyer says it was heroin.



Correction: The inmate says "more rat poison than it was dope" referring to heroin.

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Corrected entry: In Season 5, Episode 3 'Not for Attribution', when McNulty emerges from the men's room looking plastered, the "men" sign is a mirror image, indicating a reversed shot. Also, one side of McNulty's collar is sticking out over his lapel. Sure enough, in the next shot, his collar is reversed.

Correction: The shot is not reversed, it is a reflection in a mirror. The mirror does not extend all the way to the bottom of the frame, and the bottles in the foreground can be seen with their reflections.



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The police "clone" the cargo dock's computer, as though it were a cell phone, so that they can watch all the cargo traffic and see when containers disappear. In reality, to "clone" a computer would simply make an exact copy of that computer's hard drive at a specific point in time. In order to see what is happening on a specific computer in real time, it is necessary to install some sort of spyware on the target machine.