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Corrected entry: Each series is supposedly a year after the previous one. In the first series, Karen turns 5, Ben is 6, and Jake is 11, In series 2, Karen is 6, Ben is 7 and Jake is 12, but then in the Comic Relief Special, it is mentioned that Ben is 8, but Jake and Karen's ages haven't changed. Then in Series 3, Ben is 9, Karen is 7 and Jake is 13. The age differences are not only impossible but confusing.


Correction: If Ben's birthday is the first of the three, then he can (for part of the year) seem to be a different age than he should be. eg. if one child's birthday is in August and is 7 and another child's birthday is in November and is 10 then from September to October they will have 2 years between them rather than 3.

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Corrected entry: Whenever Karen or Ben are talking in the background, they sometimes say the same things as they do in previous or upcoming episodes. You have to listen quite closely. Some examples would be: "It's mine, give it now!" and "I can't find my other shoe."


Correction: They're whiny, boisterous children. What's stopping them saying the same thing every now and then?


Episode One - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Pete is trying to get the drill back from Ben (before Pete says "I'll give you a fiver if you give me the drill"), the position of Ben's hands on the drill change between shots.

Neil Jones
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